Winners Maritime Awards 2019

Winners of the Maritime Awards 2019 excel at innovation

Maritime Award: KNVTS Ship of the Year 
This award is for a ship designed and built or finished by a Dutch company in the Netherlands or abroad. With this award The KNVTS wants to stimulate and promote technical innovation in the maritime sector in the Netherlands. The nominees are judged on design, economy, sustainability, safety and building process.

Previous winners:
2019:     Inland vessel ‘Sendo Liner’ (Concordia Damen)
2018:     Trailing suction hopper dredger ‘Scheldt River’ (Royal IHC)
2017:     Unmanned Surface Vessel ‘Seagull-301’ (De Haas Maassluis BV and Ginton Naval Architects BV)
2016:     Fishing vessel MDV1 Immanuel (Hoekman Shipbuilding and Machinefabriek Padmos)
2015:     Offshore Maintenance Support Vessel ‘Kroonborg’ (Royal Niestern Sander BV)
2014:     Lifeboat Nh1816 (Damen Shipyards)
2013:     Greenstream (Peters Shipyards)
2012:     Hr.Ms. Holland (Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding)
2011:     Amulet (VOF Amulet)
2010:     Vox Máxima (IHC Dredgers)
2009:     Doña Angela Maria T. (Damen Shipyards Gorinchem)
2008:     Seven Oceans (IHC Merwede i.s.m. Huisman)
2007:     Ms. Deo Volente (Hartman Marine BV)
2006:     Jacoba Prins (Maaskant Bruinisse)
2005:     Althena (Royal Huisman Shipyard)

Maritime KVNR Shipping Award
This award points out that Dutch shipping companies can always work cleaner, greener, safer and more modern. The award represents Dutch hi-tech as the KVNR believes it is the heart of progression.

Previous winners:
2019:     Dutch Lower House political parties VVD and CDAensured that all vessels sailing under the Dutch flag can carry armed protection in regions where this is necessary.
2018:     CARROUSEL RAVE TUG (Multraship & Novatug)
2017:     Cargo ship Egbert Wagenborg – Wagenborg Shipping
2016:     ‘New CSMART Arison Maritime Center’ –  Holland America Line (HAL) and the Center for Simulator Maritime Training (CSMART)
2015:     Hybrid Rotortugs ART80-32 series – KOTUG
2014:     Offshore installation vessel Aeolus – Van Oord
2013:     Deepwater Construction Vessel, Aegir: innovation in ultra deep water – Heerema Marine Contractors
2012:     Onshore power plant for clean and silent energy in Hoek van Holland – Stena Line
2011:     Dockwise Vanguard – Dockwise Shipping
An honorable mention went to ProSea Foundation for the development of the model course ‘Marine Environmental Awareness’
2010:     3900 dwt MP Heavy Cargo vessel with open top and buildup front – Abis Shipping
2009:     E3 Tug – SMIT
2008:     Project combined LNG/ ethylene super clean gas tanker – Anthony Veder Group NV. And also the Training 8 vessel project – Spliethoff BV

Maritime Designer Award
For young maritime designers with a creative and innovative force. The price stimulates the development of methods and tools in the design.

Previous winners:
2019:     Niels de Vries (Study into the application of ammonia as a maritime fuel – C-Job Naval Architects)
2018:     Gijsbert van Marrewijk (Study on the application of T-foils under fast ships – Berthan Research)
2017:     Marijn Hage (Volume Estimation Tool – VET)
2016:     Etienne Duchateau (Method for an interactive and controllable exploration of ship designs)
2015:     Victor Verhulst (Project Ocean View)
2014:     Emiel Mobron (Assessment method for wind propulsion for cargo ships)
2013:     Jan van der Zee (Collaborative Design Tools)
2012:     Bas Goris (‘Simplicity as the starting point of impeller design’)
2011:     Bart van Oers (‘Packing: een fast method to generate viable ship designs’)
2010:     Nico van der Hoeven (Designer automation system Fuel Cell Boat Amsterdam)
2009:     Albert de Krijger (Design tool for a dredger in waves)
2008:     Ir. Wendy de Bruijn (Design tool for a new generation submarines)
2007:     Ir. Jenny Coenen (The use of ‘Serious Games’ for streamlining design engineering processes)
2006:     ir. R.G. Hekkenberg (DIINAMO – A concept- exploration model for inland shipping)
2005:     ir. R.J. Zuurmond (Automatic routing of pipelines in ships)
2003:     mw. ir. E. ter Bekke (An alternative approach for comparing weight-saving dek concepts). And ir. O. ten Heggeler (A tool for the dynamic analysis of the lifting of suction pipes of a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger)
2002:     ir. S. Sipkema (Integral screw design – system KOAS)
2001:     ir. N. Bulten (On the development of a waterjet inlet flow analysis tool) and ir. M. Noordegraaf (simulation tool for ship evacuations)

Maritime Innovation Award
This award stimulates the innovative power of maritime suppliers and co-makers by drawing attention to outstanding innovations in systems, components and services.

Previous winners:
2019:     EConowind unit (Conoship International BV)
2018:     Fleet Cleaner
2017:     New method for heat storage and re-use (KOTUG)
2016:     Integrated Monopile Installer (IHC IQIP)
2015:     Hull Vane (Hull Vane BV)
2014:     AntiRoll (Dynamic Marine Systems Holland)
2013:     Edge Preparation System (Kranendonk Production Systems BV)
2012:     DMPT: Dual Multi-Purpose Tower (Huisman Equipment)
2011:     Spudguard System (IHC Merwede)
2010:     Ampelmann (Ampelmann Operations BV)
2009:     ENC-Track (Datema Delfzijl)
2008:     SafeWinch (Machine- & Lierenfabriek C. Kraaijeveld BV)
2007:     Subsea complex pipe laying systems (Huisman-Itrec) and Total las robot system with Rinas Weld (Kranendonk Production Systems BV)
2006:     EPS Thruster™ (Van der Velden® Marine Systems)
2005:     PCL 600 cutting robot line (HGG Profiling Equipment BV) and EEx High resolution Explosion proof colours Compact Camera (Orlaco Maritime CCTV BV)
2004:     UniMACS® Blueline integrated bridge system (Imtech Marine & Offshore BV)
2002:     Carrousel Tug (Novatug BV) and Flexible Tank module (Holvrieka–Nirota BV)
2001:     NoReTex (Rubber Design BV)

Maritime RNLN Van Hengel-Spengler Award
This award is given to new insight, solutions, concepts or innovations that improve operational use of navy assets.

Previous winners:
2019:     Kelly Villena – Optimising ship-to-shore transportation during amphibian operations
2018:     Kirsten Schmidt – Augmented Reality Navigation
2017:     LT Jordy San José Sánchez – Operational innovation in the area of Target Motion Analysis
2016:     LT Sietske Vredeveldt – Analysis of the current shock-absorbing chairs on the FRISC
2015:     LT Kevin Stouten – Special Forces Containers
2014:     LT Guus van Fulpen – On the way to the more electric submarine
2013:     LT R.J. van de Mheen – Submarine Power System Design Tool met Graphical User Interface

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