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Full list of Maritime Awards 2017 nominations

The forthcoming presentation of the prestigious Maritime Awards will be this year’s flagship event to celebrate the Dutch maritime sector’s innovative power. After having judged all entries for the various awards, the juries have named the nominations. The winners will be announced during the twelfth edition of the Maritime Awards Gala, on 6 November 2017 in Rotterdam. Both shipowners, shipyards, students, designers and suppliers qualify for a Maritime Award when they have demonstrated their added value to the Dutch maritime cluster, or have been an inspiring example of innovative power to others. The nominations, in random order, are:

Maritime RNLN Van Hengel-Spengler Award

This award is destined for the best operational innovation by a student up to 35 years. The winning research must potentially lead to new insights, concepts or innovations that contribute to improving the operational deployment of naval craft. The nominations are:

  • Marine Lieutenant Jordy San José Sánchez for his research into improving and automating the Target Motion Analysis (TMA)-process
  • Marine Lieutenant Guus van Fulpen for his research into the redeployment of residual heat on board frigates by integrating absorption coolers with the cooling water system of diesel engines
  • Leon Rietveld for his research into possibilities to optimise propulsion of submarines

Maritime Innovation Award

Raising more awareness of the innovative power generated and radiated by the maritime and offshore supply industry, is the goal of this award. Additionally, this prize aims to stimulate innovative developments within the maritime cluster. The nominations are:

  • AQUA-LOGIC – Propeller thrust nozzle technology (by means of the Bernoulli, Coandă and Venturi effects)
  • KOTUG International – Heat recycling and storage system
  • CoVadem – Realisation of continuously available cross-border water depths, both real-time and predicted, for inland shipping

Maritime KVNR Shipping Award

This prize rewards distinctive business management in three separate fields, t.w.: ship innovation, innovations with regard to corporate social responsibility/the human touch and environmental science within maritime shipping. The award aims to further promote shipowners’ awareness for the ongoing greening of the fleet, more safety, higher efficiency and excellently trained crews. The nominations are:

  • Koole Engineering with innovative tanker technology, developed in-house, enabling the installation of separate and insulated cargo tanks.
  • Van Oord with far-reaching demands for the design of their sister ships Vox Amalia and Vox Alexia (an innovative type of trailing suction hopper dredger) with an emphasis on sustainability and efficiency.
  • Wagenborg Shipping with the versatile, innovative and ‘green’ cargo ship Egbert Wagenborg. This new EasyMax type ship has generated much employment in the Netherlands

Maritime Designer Award

A prize created for young maritime designers with an innovative – renewing – approach. The entries may vary from an original design method for a ship type to onboard technical systems. This award is supported by the Secretariaat Samenwerkende Maritieme Fondsen (Dutch Secretariat of the Joint Maritime Funds). This year’s nominations are:

  • Marijn Hage (Nevesbu) with his ‘Abstract Volume Estimation Tool (VET)’
  • Joan van den Akker (TU Delft/TNO) with his ‘Carbon capture on board ships’

Maritime Award: KNVTS Ship of the Year 

This prestigious prize is awarded each year to a ship that has been designed and built (or finished) either in the Netherlands, or at a foreign subsidiary of a Dutch company. Decisive criteria include pioneering characteristics, environment, safety and economics. The nominations are:

Maritime Awards Gala

The Maritime Awards Gala 2017 is also made possible by its main sponsors: Damen Shipyards GorinchemEuroportNNPC and Wärtsilä Netherlands. The gala is organised by the Stichting Maritime Awards Gala foundation – representing Netherlands Maritime Technology, KVNR, KNVTS, Royal Netherlands Navy, Maritime by Holland, and the NISS.
The Maritime Awards Gala will be held during the Dutch Maritime Week (4 through 11 November 2017).

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