Maritime Awards Gala 2019 shows innovative capacities of Dutch maritime sector

The winners of the Dutch Maritime Awards 2019 were announced on the evening of Monday 4 November 2019 in Rijswijk. The Maritime Awards Gala, an exclusive annual networking event, welcomed over 900 professionals to celebrate the successes and innovative power of the Dutch maritime sector. The winners of the five Maritime Awards are:

Maritime RNLN Van Hengel-Spengler Award 2019

The Maritime RNLN Van Hengel-Spengler Award 2019 was awarded to Kelly Villena for her research into ‘Optimising ship-to-shore transportation during amphibian operations’. The essence of amphibian operations is the safe and fast transport of staff and material from sea to land or vice versa. These operations are currently still planned manually – a time-consuming and complex process. In her research, Kelly Villena developed a new method for the optimal planning of ship to shore transportation. It applies a mathematical model that significantly reduces the time required to find the best solution.

Maritime Designer Award 2019

The Maritime Designer Award 2019 was awarded to Niels de Vries (C-Job Naval Architects) for his study into the application of ammonia as a maritime fuel. His research involved an ammonia tanker sailing on its own cargo in order to study the concept of using ammonia as maritime fuel. This can significantly reduce the harmful emissions produced by shipping and De Vries believes ammonia can be used as a maritime fuel when a number of safety measures are included in the design.

Maritime Innovation Award 2019

Conoshop International BV is the winner of the Maritime Innovation Award for developing a highly innovative practical additional propulsion unit for vessels. The eConowind unit is a 40-feet container with two foldable ‘Ventifoils’ – innovative 10-metre upright airfoils that directly convert wind power into propulsion for the vessel – approx. five times as much when sailing on level surface. The eConowind units can be assembled as easily as a 40-foot container. When the wind is favourable, the VentiFoils fold out autonomously and adjust themselves to the best position. At a constant sailing speed, this leads to average fuel savings and emissions reductions of 10 to 30%.

Maritime KVNR Shipping Award 2019

Dutch Lower House political parties VVD and CDA ensured that all vessels sailing under the Dutch flag can carry armed protection in regions where this is necessary. They were awarded for this decision with the Maritime KVNR Shipping Award 2019. The Dutch maritime sector, from shippers to the families of those at sea, have been advocating the use of private armed protection on Dutch flagged vessels to the government for nearly ten years. This revolved around situations in which the Vessel Protection Detachments of the Dutch Defence could not be used to protect the vessels. Despite recognising the problem, the government had yet to take action until Lower House members from the VVD and CDA drew up the bill proposal for the Shipping Protection Act (Wet ter Bescherming Koopvaardij) and brought it to a vote. The Act was officially adopted by the Lower House and Senate this year.

Maritime Award KNVTS Vessel of the Year 2019

The inland vessel Sendo Liner, built by Concordia Damen, was announced winner of the Maritime Award KNVTS Vessel of the Year award 2019. The Sendo liner is an inland container vessel of 110 x 11.45 x 3.2 m (LxWxD) that was designed under its own management by Sendo ShippingThe design of the vessel has a strong focus on being as efficient, economical and clean as possible while also being future-proof. The Sendo Liner will therefore continue to be a pioneer in low-emission sailing throughout its lifespan. The design includes extensive optimisation of the hull shape and the development of a diesel-electric propulsion concept with battery package. It also makes it possible to easily switch between energy sources and maximise the loading capacity in a relatively easy way in the future.

Maritime Awards Gala

The gala is organised by the Maritime Awards Gala Foundations, which includes Netherlands Maritime Technology, KVNR, KNVTS, the Royal Netherlands Navy, Maritime by Holland and NISS. It is also sponsored by the following Gold Sponsors: Anker Crew InsuranceEuroportRoyal IHCMarstrat BVMultraship & NovatugNNPCPraxis Automation Technology BV and Wärtsilä Netherlands.

Maritime Week

The Maritime Awards Gala is the highlight of the Maritime Week which takes place from 2 to 9 November this year. The Maritime Week is about knowledge sharing and putting the spotlight on the training and career opportunities the sector has to offer.